Antonella Maria Trapasso was born in Roma on 1965.Beginning nineties, after having taken a Modern Letters degree, she moved to Milano.There, attracted by all forms of “art”, she could start a polyhedric journey by exploring several forms (sectors) of artistic and creative expressions, from molding interior of apartments or setting fashion to the creation of stage decoration and costume design for T.V. programs over national network.In 1997 she took care solely of painting research, firstly as portrait-painter, then experiencing abstract arts, using a variety of materials, from the simplest and poorest ones to the most innovative and uncommon ones, along a growing path of painting which she herself defined “materica-interiore”.In the year 2000 “Thula” came out, as the pseudonym by which she will sign all her paintings.At present, she lives and works in Milan and Rome.

Critical Note

The artistic production of Thula deals with a world suspended and whirling, always changing: her paintings show a continuous becoming like our continuous grow up and live.The pictures appear as a confusing mixture of colours and materials, as an imperceptible flow that, at conscious level, quivers and shudders under a bright and sparkling surface; our mind aptitudes are the real responsible of our feeling face to any painting that turns into a mirror reflecting our perceptions at the moment.It is the mystery of human soul that winds up and twists any painting, wins the space and takes life from the variety of colours as well as from the use of spatula: all of the sudden it seems that really something shifted in front of us revealing new details.Feeling and emotions fluctuate into an apparent confusion of clear and black, bright and opaque, attractive and repulsive. They seem to come out of the painting so that everybody may feel them into their most inner level.Face to a white canvas Thula may imagine the infinity that includes her own whole inner world.She believes that anxiety produces wonder and that disappointments shape our soul; on the contrary her painting is bright, lively and luminous. Painting is for her like move out from her own life, look at it from outside and, then, picture that particular moment.It is a painting emotional, sentimental and private.The technique is a mixture of various materials, sometimes covered by a liquid surface that looks like water Wet paintings not produced for static and opaque existence. Water that flows perpetually and sends you back to the Eraclitus concept of “Panta rei” (All flows).All flows….nevertheless at last, something doubtless remains: a painting perhaps? “No” is the reply… “if it is mine…. no!”The way we perceive a painting to day might go changing by tomorrow.